Bisexual, gay, straight, let's go together!

Bisexual, gay, straight, let's go together!

Social progress, people's ideas in change, the times which bisexuality was a thing to be ashamed of are long gone. Although there are still a lot of misconceptions about gay, bisexual,especially bisexual. But they really exist, and not one or two people, everyone maybe bisexual.

Everything has its reason to exist. Sometimes I really don't know, it is the same situation of the people how will not tolerate each other! In addition to sexual orientation, we are all the same, work, eat, sleep, travel...Why in the world would take tainted glasses to look at gay and bisexual? If the beginning is that we are gay or bisexual, would the people put heterosexual people as a monster or wantonly criticize them?

Bisexual is not in the way of us, but when you find someone who is bisexual or gay, you can't help feeling uncomfortable, because in your subconscious mind only the presence of a heterosexual is reasonable. Did they do anything wrong? No, because he can't control him just fell in love with a man or a woman.

But a lot of bisexual and gay people because of fear of so-called normal people's strange vision and far away, they do not know how much loneliness and injustice. Nobody knows the pain of them, they also want to dating, go shopping and watching movies with their lover.

Even today, although many people on the Internet said that they are bisexual or gay,how many people can admit they are bisexual or gay in real life? 

Each person's life is not easy, please give us a space? Bisexual, gay, straight, let's go together!