Dating bisexual is not shamed!

Whether men or women, did you ever think about dating bisexual? You must say no, bisexual is not normal, if I dating with them, I are so strange.

But do you know dating bisexual is not shamed at now.

I am bisexual, but when I first found I am bisexual, I was scared and curious, at the same time. You will think maybe just you are bisexual, but when you search on the Internet, you will find a lot of people just like you, although most of the Internet is about gay. This is also reflected from the side  the bisexual people are not a litter. That person who may be holding your hand is a bisexual. Just a hypothesis.

In my mind maybe the bisexual is better than the other people. The bisexual love woman and man, this shows the people who are bisexual have both male and female characteristics,not on the body, but on the mind. The man who is bisexual love a woman, it shows he has a man's vision and ideas. and he love a man,it shows he has a woman's care and tenderness. Bisexual women are the same. They combine men and women. So bisexual is more likely to succeed.

And each person has an androgen and estrogen in the body. Maybe it is why everyone may be bisexual.So dating bisexual is not shamed! You may be bisexual, but you don't know.