How to see a bisexual woman's heart!

Are you bisexual? do you want to dating bisexual woman?(Looking forward to your joining or are you being a bisexual who want to have a taste for life,love, and sexuality with bisexual singles or bi couples? OK, No matter you are bisexual, gay or straight, if you want to dating a woman,something you should know from her behavior.

1.Maybe women like cruel man, but her favorite is the understanding.

Will be shown at the beginning of the woman in love and men have the resonance of those aspects, so you'll soon know how much she likes to eat strawberry ice cream, she collected many action films, as well as her unique snowboard skills. But every strong and independent girl has a soft side, it won't be long before, you will find that in fact she prefer to watch the Madagascar.

Pay more attention to her sentimental side, when the growing of your gentleness and considerate as the optimal solution effectively.

2.The people around her know all her

Women want to hide the details of the new romance and happiness in her heart is really very difficult. No matter how much she do to remain silent, eventually go out. At the beginning of the love you, you are almost all her life, so her friends from telephone and Email, know you details of the love story, and in the update every day. A bit careless, she can also add your name in the domain of blog.

If you see some of her friends, may you can ask what is the inside information about her.

3.The less natural woman accept compliments, she is eager to praise

If you tell a child how beautiful she was, she probably don't even blink eyes, praise will not leave any impression of you. But when you praise a woman, she didn't naturally blinked, or to look away, or ask if you talk with honey, she is just a ordinary people. In fact, you said she was "beautiful", in her mind as pure gold precious, will be remembered forever.

Often praise her, then you will see her face you slowly melting.

4.Some sexual technique woman said she had never tried? Actually she tried many times

Women know that even the most gentle and sensitive man in the world, at least at the beginning of the love, also to be dominant on sex, so at first they downplay their sexual desire is always showing no trace. Until a couple of months later, she will only be on one side of the bed ganci agni exposed.

In order to let her true side looked up as soon as possible, you can make some "coincidence", such as on your bedpost gently to tie a tie.

5.Woman on the bed of the excited moan, half were false

As if your every movement, every touch, the sensitive area and excitement are just right to touch her, but to tell you the truth, a woman can orgasm in a short time the probability is very low. While most women sexual relationship at the beginning of love, always self consciousness is very strong, more difficult to concentrate enjoy sex, so start when they always pretend to be excited, until they really relax, really accustomed to, will really to orgasm.

Don't worry, how long can you insist as long as you do.

6.The feeling of women to men all written on the face

If she loves you, when you walk into the room, she will look at you smile like a fool. If she stands up to you, that means she completely enamored with you.

If you don't want to keep distance with her, as she entered the room, also for her with a gracious smile.

Hope it is useful for you!