If you are bisexual!

While heterosexual dominated, gay has been admitted. This is what we believe has completed the sexual revolution era. But a third way still doesn't work, society refuses to acknowledge bisexual requires the right not to selective orientation, namely indiscriminately successively or fall in love with men's and women's rights at the same time. Human social scientists, carter, Deschamps (Catherine Deschamps) said: "our society can't give up the binary logic, not straight is gay, there is no other in the middle."

In fact, everyone is a little bisexual subconscious tendencies. At the beginning of the 20th century, Freud was put forward the concept of "psychological bisexual", namely "each gender showed some of the characteristics of the other sex" point of view. He thinks that we have "at the same time some of the characteristics of men and women. These constitute the vague concept in the field of science". Another sexologist Philippe Bruno (Philippe Brenot) is clear, said: "if a heterosexual some of same-sex sexual fantasies (and vice versa) does not mean he will put them into practice. The personality of the balance is in haven't experienced the illusion of other things and depressed."

So, you can try to follow the fashion, men and women, they are in the street next to the worker's stadium, hankage extremely, fragrant, across a few streets can smell of alcohol and hormone breath there. But that doesn't mean you is or is not bisexual. Determine their sexual orientation is not important, the lover is a man or a woman is not important. What is important is love. If in this day and age, talk about love is too luxurious for them that, in a statement, called their inner desire.

If you are a bisexual, need not fear, you can choose their own moral, freely in their own moral life; If you want to try the possibility of you also need to take of your choice; Marriage bisexual, if another ?