Let someone laugh with you, and let the person to die with you———one

Whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, when we had just been hit by love, put the Buddha came to a dreamlike world, when they are willing to accept each other everything, even thus promised a lifetime. But after a brief intimate, often two sides will have a more clear understanding, which many very painful remorse. So, if you want to continue to enjoy the love of the beautiful, it is best to avoid these errors before making.

1. For the emotional impulses and decisions commitment

Love without passion make it easier for both sides to produce fatigue, the way of love requires passion companionship. But sometimes people are likely to lose the passion dominate consider carefully consider making some decisions and commitments on, resulting in hasty decisions and commitments. At this time many of them will decide after the increasingly familiar, it is not a lack of consideration. So, when you fall in a relationship can not extricate themselves, they often are the most likely to make mistakes, so-called think twice, it is required at this point to remind ourselves again and again.

2. ignore some of the details of the other bad behavior signal

Once a lot of people fall in love with each other, always feel that they can accommodate each other's shortcomings love needs all inclusive, which is natural, but a lot of the time, you really can not do that forever accept these disadvantages. So if you have noticed some bad signal each other - as a trifle angry, a irresponsible, to ignore your views - you have to do is tell each other as soon as possible to know their tolerance, do not pretend nothing happened. If you do not care about the bad behavior always intentional signal that there is always trouble comes.

3. Do not take risks in the economy

Love must first have the correct concept of money, we will not instigate the feelings based on the material, but love needs bread but can not evade this issue. In other words, if both you and your partner did not maintain a permanent working method, not stable money, that do not hope you together, to each other through thick and thin
alone can make the situation better, because it is completely different. Therefore, before you feelings of heat, it is best to go to the root of the economic problem is resolved, and then only through thick and thin such thing.

To be continued...