Ten Topics For First Dating---one

No matter you are bisexual, gay, straight, when you dating someone you like for the first time,is  nervous heart pounded it? Whether to worry about finding topic? Today, let me tell you the ten topics ,which is useful for you when you dating the one you like for the first time.

A first dating with favorite people,in your mind must be very nervous, always don't know what to say. Might as well to show affection for the first, more natural and relaxed conversation, induce the other topics of common interest.

1.Brothers and sisters

What does the first meeting to talk about ? Talking about parents is a little wrong, if her parents' separation or divorce, it can cause her unhappiness. Common topic is about brothers and sisters. Talking about brothers and sisters can deepen understanding, active the atmosphere. And you want to know about her family, that means you like her, so also easy to win her trust.


Ever been to what place? She is very happy to answer this question, also won't have any wariness. In order to let her break the ice, you ask her to introduce you to, as long as you do a loyal listener, she will soon be warm for you. Then you can take the initiative to some, asked her if she still want to go to where, if she said so-and-so place I've always wanted to go, you the opportunity to performance. Brave enough to say, "I've always wanted to go there. Which day we go together, let us together to achieve the dream?" She will be very happy to accept your invitation. Actually, after the chat, your knowledge of her background, interests and hobbies also learned a lot.

3.Favorite food

Dating if you are in a restaurant or bar, talk about your favorite delicious, this is a pleasant subject. Talking about food, you can not only know her taste, to find common ground, and don't have to worry about no subject. If she has good skills, first time to boast about, then asked her, "listen to my mouth water, let me indulge someday." Even if she knew you flatter her, she is also very useful. If you also had, don't forget to invite her to taste your craft.

4.Future Plans

Can you tell me something about your life in university? Do you want to continue to go to school? She may be interested in these topics, you can talk about your student life, a funny thing, the various awards, etc. But, she may also have reacted coolly, just said that the current job professional mismatch, then changed the subject. However, no matter what kind of situation, can be a great opportunity to give you a compliment her.

5.Working Condition

If you do after you graduated from university, have been working for a period of time, talk about work is a good topic. But you have to control the initiative, don't let her keep ramble about some worries in life trifling thing, she would have more say more not happy, you can listen to more and more impatient. However, most of work, even if is again dull, also can say it up. It doesn't matter, you can at least know that she is a workaholic, in the future or a good housewife.

To be continued...