Ten Topics For First Dating---Two

6.Close friends

And she talk about her friends. Maybe you don't know them, but it does not matter. She would be happy to talk about her friends, their contact details, time and place to meet. Maybe you have no interest in it, but don't be impatient, this but do you know about her opportunity. Do you want to continue to develop with her? Starting from the understanding of her friends.


Like collecting stamps, singing or dancing? Like sports? Like to listen to music? Have to ask these questions, otherwise how do you know her hobby? And she also wants to show herself, fully staffed, why not do it.

8.Forget her old love

In first dating, don't ask about her old love. Such a topic, if she didn't mention, you can't converse with open mouth. She could still love him, may also is brokenhearted of pain. Meet for the first time, don't think about her past lover, explain and convince her, comfort her, to win favor, often backfire. Want to please her, don't let her recall the past, talk about happy things. Remember, your goal is to win her, not to give her tears.

9.The ideal of childhood

Talk about the ideal of childhood, this is a very interesting topic, both relaxed and happy, and can enhance feelings. However, you don't grab her not to put, want to let her talk, she said the more happy, you have the more chaces.


If she talk very happy, see you flashing eyes, when two people increasingly close, then the plus. You can talk to her, casual invitation, but you don't act too hastily, it will frighten her. But if you trust, she is very happy, will be happy to with you, will not easily refused to you.

I hope this can help you!