As a bisexual, Should be what kind of attitude towards the different?

As is known to all, bisexual means love both women and men.Many people have different opinion about bisexual, negative or positive. But as a bisexual, should be what kind of attitude towards the different?

Bisexual people basically is the impression that the monster, eccentric, mysterious, and so on. Why? At present, Because the people who are bisexual are only a few people, most of people still are heterosexual, although there is study found everyone maybe bisexual.

As bisexual, we should have a positive attitude towards it, even you should be proud of bisexual. why? it shows you are unique and you also have the characteristics of both men and women, in the mind. And you should know many famous people are bisexual, such as Russian writer Gogol, Russian composer Tchaikovsky, Italy fashion designer Gianni Versace. Just as governor of Oregon America Kate Brown. Even she is bisexual, she is better than many other people.she said:"I am confident that the members are ready to let go of Oregon."

Bisexual people remember, please, what kind of attitude you treat yourself, others will use the same attitude towards you.