Bisexual guys: Stick to your own pursuits.

If you are bisexual women and men,who love both women and men, please stick to your own pursuits, don't care about the other people!
There is a bird called the thorn birds, it from birth have an ideal, fly to the thorn bush has one of the highest branch on, let the thorn ruthlessly pierced his chest. Sing life in the most miserable but beautiful song. To this ideal. It into action, at the last moment of his life to sing the beautiful, sad song. Although many people can't understand this bird, they are shocked, because the song of the thorn birds is so beautiful.Bisexual guys just like the thorn birds, my means is not that bisexual people is only in the moment of death to make people understand the bisexual, but bisexual should stick to their own pursuits.

Life is so short, and we are alive to make ourselves happy, right? So, bisexual friends, stick to your dream and work hard.

We always give up many things because of the others. Why can't we be brave to pursue what we want, bisexual men

Cheer up bisexual guys, Stick to your own pursuits. Love the one you want, regardless of gender.