Bisexual men, what should you do when your girlfriend find a woman who you dislike?

Bisexual men find a girl friend who is bisexual girl, and someday, she find a woman who you dislike because of personality differences, then, what should you do?
I know if you choose not to talk to her, it's not polite. But if you talk to her, you are not feeling well. And you are boyfriend of the girl and she is girlfriend of her, if you can get along well, just give the girl a problem, isn't it? So how should we get along with these people?

Bisexual dating tips 1: learn to transpositional consideration

A lot of people give others a bad feeling, because they are  in a specific environment or location. And so, the first thing we should do is learn to transporsitional consideration. You can try to think what would you do if you are the same environment. Will it be better than he does? Will there be a better solution?

Bisexual dating tips 2: Try to understand her.

Everyone is different and  have their own character. At the same time, you are bisexual women and men, if you are both love the girl, you must try to understand each other, or the girl must be confused because of you. If it is more serious, she may choose to leave you. Many times, you don't like a person just because you don't know her, and when you get to know this person, you will find that she actually very good. 

Some years ago, I met bisexual girls for the bisexual dating sites. At one day, I see a girl I never see before, and I said I dislike her. Unfortunately, she heard it (she later told me). But with time gone by, I  known her. we are best friends at now. I said the story means if you dislike the woman, you should try to understand her, maybe you will love her.

Everything is a premise, in the case of not against our principles, we should try to get along well with her. After all, we are both bisexual women and men, and we both love the girl, and can't lose her.