Even if we are bisexual women, we should live happily!

Yesterday, I saw an article about bisexual. It refers that bisexual, especially bisexual women, were three times more likely to have smoked weed than lesbian and straight women. Bisexual women are still smoking even more than bisexual men,


Because bisexual women felt like they had no community and didn't even exist, since they were so often told to pick a sexuality or that their orientation was just a lie they were telling themselves because they didn't want to admit to one sexual orientation or another. They said that weed was a way to distract themselves from that pain, confusion, and feelings of isolation.

But in my mind, even if we are bisexual women and alone all the time, we should live happily.Yes, I am single bisexual, but I am very happy.

As bisexual women and men,first of all, we should accept the fact. If a person can not accept himself, how can the others accept you? No matter what happens in the future, you should believe in yourself.You should know that you are the same as other people except that you are bisexual women or bisexual men.

And then,you should learn to take the initiative to make friends with others, even if you will be rejected because you are bisexual people. But you need a personal initiative, isn't it? We should tell others that we are warm, cheerful, helpful by our action.

The last, we should do something we are interested in rather than spend our so much time to care about other's view.We are bisexual people, at the same time we love to something just like you. Then you can find  you have a lot of things to do, and there is no time to take care of other.

Single bisexual women, don't worry. there are someone who will protect you and take care of you, soon or later.

In a word, we should live happily!