Even if you have had a very hard, and now you live it well -----to bisexual women and men

Many years age, I was 15 yeas old and in middle school. 

This time is the most difficult time I have ever had. I had no friends and my parents didn't understand me.Why? I am bisexual woman.

My grades are not bad, so the teacher liked me. I was not happy. Because I didn't have any friend. I have a bad temper,  which makes the other students far away from me. Can you imagine all the people together to scold you? I have no any way, but to cry. I was so lonely!

At that time, computers were not popular. I couldn't  know about bisexual  from the Internet, and I also could registered some dating bisexual sites to find new friends just like me. There is just me in my own world. No friends,no smile,just had tears.


After a long time, there was a person appeared. He gave me a piece of paper, it says: you are always a person, let me be your friend. So you won't be lonely.I was crying and I had friend. I was so happy.

From that on, we ate together, shopped together, slept together, I was not a person anymore.Even if all people know I am still bisexual woman, it does not affect the friendship between us.

My purpose is to tell all bisexual women and men, Even if you have had a very hard, and now you live it well. Because there will always be a person in your life, always accompany you with you. Even if one day he left you, there will be a new one to replace him. You are not lonely.

To live well, waiting for the emergence of the man, to accompany you through this difficult time.