Everyone has something that others envy, including bisexual women and men!

Each person's experience is different, some people life is calm, no big surprise and sad; Some people life is up and downs, choppy.
When you find that you are bisexual women and men, what kind of attitude do you think? Is calm, calm, or complain and grumble, or blame fate injustice?

But you should know that all the suffering is the test of god for you. No matter what you encounter difficulties, should stick to, because every suffering is growth required elements. Those who are frustrated in life, always pessimistically complain, always complain about the unfair fate: you will never be the most unfortunate person, you also is not the most happiness forever.Even if others laugh at you are bisexual men. After all, no matter what your situation is superior, someone is more superior than you; No matter how miserable your situation, also someone more miserable than you.

When you are in trouble because you are bisexual people, perhaps, there is a blind man pass through you; When you are inferiority because you are bisexual women and men, perhaps, there is  a man who lost his legs and go walk by hands. In fact, when you feel unfortunate, the world more unfortunate than you may be on your side, but the difference is that he understood the life of the most common philosophy, learned to cherish, so, he has only one small advantage, is a smile to life.

Nothing is perfect in the world, everyone has faults, and also have something let others envy. A optimistic person, always put oneself even very small advantages as a baby, like care for his own life to cherish.

Bisexual experiences is the gift which god has given us, let's enjoy it!