I want to tell all bisexual women and men

Bisexual women and men, you must find beyond love, can make you stand strongly on the earth.
You have to believe in this world is more of a warm, beautiful, trust, dignity, strong, not decadent, emptiness, confusion, hurt others, I don't want you to deal with this mess myself. Control your emotions, not anyone can get. You need a strong heart and 
firm faith.

Even if you are bisexual woman,  live a good life and learn to love.  Youth is so short.

Often ask yourself,  what are your doing. To your own prospects and a lofty goal. Remember often look up at the sky. at the same times look at your feet.

Don't easily say "love". Trust your instincts.  A man came to see you no more, don't go looking for him. Don't believe in love in means, break up not mouth from evil. The lesson, but don't regret, regret is useless. But still have to believe in love.

No matter you are single bisexual or the other, you should know love substances, properly. Remember that the spirit is more important than those watch, famous brand, fashion, and more beautiful is yourself.

Don't look down upon working people. Don't for labor. The land is not dirty, sweat taste not smell. Please respect those who seems to be living conditions than you, because that is the respect myself. Never sympathize people who live in the bottom. Because our family is in the crowd. 

You hurt by friends, but don't suspect friendship, you just need beware of betraying your people. Forgive, but not forgotten. Man of somewhat naive childishness, to the friend to maintain some chivalrous feelings. To be happy, to a bright and cheerful disposition, to tough, to warm. This has nothing to do and character.

Sometimes you need tough, being bullied, must get back! But don't bear grudges. Little people see it, go with them. Have mercy, you would noble.

There are so many misunderstand in the world about bisexual women and men, Forgive the world and themselves. To tell ourselves, I deserve all the best.