Love has nothing to do with sex

Although it is now believed that true love only exists between men and women, I want to say love has nothing to do with sex. A person is likely to fall in love with both men and women, namely bisexual.

A lot of people are bisexual, But they just dare not admit it. I recently saw a movie called love is love.Pie said, "Kim, I am sorry, I am afraid, I am afraid, I am afraid of my mother angry, afraid of friends laugh, afraid of being the same eyes, but now I know, if I am still afraid, I will lose you, I do not want to lose you, has been too late, is not related, I may come too late." Love takes courage.

The thing about love is from your heart, and not your appearance, don't let appearance affect your own, you just need to see your heart.Even if others say you are bisexual, don't be afraid. Love has nothing to do with sex.