Single bisexual: The most important thing is I love you!

Just many bisexual women and men want to say:"The most important thing is I love you!"

Everyone has important things, such as the cause. But for me, the most important thing is you. I know if I don't say, I will lose you! Even if I am bisexual woman, but I love you! You should know that sex and age are no problem, if you don't care.

Many years ago, I known you by a bisexual dating site. And I fall in love with you, but you don't have enough courage to be with me.You told me"I am afraid, I am very confused, I am afraid of anything, I fear my mother angry, afraid of friends laugh, afraid of being the same eyes." Then you have a boyfriend, and I am a single bisexual

I heard that you're getting married, but I'm still waiting for you. Recently I saw some bisexual dating tips, it say I need some courage. So I want to tell you again I love you. 

Love you just want to make you happy, I wish you happiness.