Single bisexual, Parents against how to fight for love

Nowadays the society is the era of free love, but also parents oppose love inevitably exist, such as the love of bisexual women and men.

In the face of parents opposed to love, flatly or stubborn is not a wise choice. Parents object to your love, surely they must have their reasons, first, don't try so hard, no parents don't try to argue with the parents, parents, after all, as a survivor, on love and marriage can give us some advice, just a way of parents to give advice is not necessarily acceptable to us.

So, in the face of parents opposed to love, especially single bisexual, how can we resolve this contradiction and struggle for their own happiness? Let's from parents oppose reason analysis method.

1.due to the regional differences in cultural differences and opposition
Many parents want their children to stay in your side, especially for the one-child family, miss children and elderly body inconvenience travel, or because of foreign language, communication difficulties, easy to differ in terms of education, and so on the reason in the future. Such against the situation, can appropriate with their parents to do ideological work, the transportation is convenient, modern society, including aircraft, train to save time and convenient transportation, the convenience of network video, chat, will be able to communicate anytime and anywhere. Also can be an appointment with their parents after marriage, a month time to go home, have time can also meet parents to play. With the multicultural communication, but also to the next generation of education and development. reason of can't accept such opposed
Can't accept your love, a lot of reasons for this. Or because of looks, age, height, occupation, bisexual or gay and so on, if you are single bisexual, parents of objections, mostly because their understanding of bisexual women and men is one-sided, at that time you can communicate with their parents more, communication, more show good, should also be appropriate to the parents time and opportunity to understand you, after all the parents are to hello, impression and attitude will change because of the break-in.

Happiness in our own hands, not abandoned the family, don't give up love, intention to start communication! You can succeed, single bisexual.