Single bisexual, you should know that the needs of women and men is different.

We think himself is good, is concerned about all the things to each other, finally still is the end of the break up, therefore, as a single bisexual should know that the needs of men and women in love is different. Couples break up sometimes is not each other bad or do anything too much, just because you don't know the need for each other, you give the other party does not need.

"He never knew what I want is what?"

"As my woman, she didn't know understanding make allowance for me."

Bisexual women and men must have heard these words. Well, this is a lot of common problems between couples. Before we solve these problems, at first, bisexual women and men should know what are the differences between men and women in relationships demand direction, a large number of survey data show:

Man needs: trust, accept, gratitude, praise, recognition and encouragement

Women demand: loyalty, care, understanding, considerate and comfort

Men's psychology more and be understanding, encouragement and recognition, such as he said to you: "believe me, I will make you happy," intelligent bisexual partner will support and encourage each other, and happy and trust; A silly bisexual partner, and even psychological a little flattered will speak a heap of fighting each other. We're not going to women one hundred percent of the trust each other, but in some men are very need to his beloved woman's support and trust. Do a smart woman knows when a man needs recognition and understanding, as a word says " well " men are used to understand, not to love, good man will analyze their own heart, let the other people to know yourself, a lot of times you want to go to understand and grasp. When a man found no one more than you know him, you will be more love you.

Demand of caring and tolerant of women is very big, in their view of the world, if you love her should be tolerance, care and attention she how how, if you treat her so cool you don't love her. When so many women are unreasonable and chatter of nagging, is to attract the attention of bisexual partner, she's subtext is how don't you pay attention to me? You don't love me? They hope to get bisexual partner of tolerance and love. So in many cases, couples quarrel because of little things, there is no need to keep men to explain and rational analysis, as long as you follow the train of thought to reassure her, let her to be quiet, and then give her a kiss and hug is OK.

The love of men and women demand is so much different, so single bisexual has to from the perspective of the other party to understand and love each other