Bisexual experience: dating bisexual!

Hi, everyone! Have you ever had a bisexual experience, although you're not bisexual women and men?

My friend,Toya,actually is a straight, but she told me she had a bisexual experience.

Toya has a boyfriend who is very cool and  all things about them are well. But someday, Toya told me she FELL IN LOVE with a girl, who is her classmate, and she also still love her boyfriend.

When she had time, Toya loved talking with her,and want to dating with her. Finally, they dated. The girl told Toya, in fact, she is bisexual woman, she loves Toya for a long time and want live with Toya.

But Toya refused her, you know, Toya, actually, is a straight.

Are you bisexual men? Do you have any experience like Toya?

Do you mind dating bisexual?