Bisexual people: You are the source of your happiness.

Bisexual people, you are the source of your happiness!

A woman complained, "I am not happy, because my husband is not at home on a business trip. "She put the key in her husband's hand. A mother said: "my child is not obedient, which makes me very angry! "She handed the keys to the children. A man may say, "the boss is not appreciating me, so I'm in low spirits. "The key is in the boss's hand. A young man went out of the stationery store," the boss is in a bad attitude. It's going to make me crazy! " And many bisexual women and men are not happy because there are a lot of people misunderstand them, so you hand the keys to the other people rather than yourself!

These people have made the same decision - is to let others to control their mood!

When we allow others to take control of our emotions, we feel that we are victims, and that we can do nothing about it. We begin to blame others, and send a message: "I am so painful that you are responsible for your pain! "At this point we take this great responsibility and trust the people around me - that is, they make me happy.". We seem to admit that he can not control themselves, only to be poor. Such people make others doesn't like close, even daunting.
A mature person can master the key to his happiness, he does not need to look forward to other people to make him happy, but can bring happiness and happiness to others. He is emotionally stable, can be responsible for himself, and he is a kind of enjoyment, rather than pressure.
Bisexual people, please remember that the source of happiness comes from yourself, not others!