Bisexual women and men, we should learn to choose and know how to give up!

We all have the same life, including bisexual people,the different is every one's mentality, which resulted in the perspective of things that are very different. We should be able to know and recognize our self with the mind of optimism, open-minded, understanding. The most important is to surpass ourselves,to break ourselves, because a good life to have hope. 

There are a lot of people misunderstand bisexual women and men, so many bisexual people are very angry. But he people make you angry has gone, but you still angry for him, why? As the saying goes,the angry is that taking the other's mistake to punish yourself.

Remember a philosopher once said: our pain is not the problem itself, but our views on these issues.

Bisexual men,in many cases, all of our misery and trouble are you rely on the past life "experience" make the error of judgment, at this time, we might as well jump out, change a point of view, you won't be the failure of the battlefield, market miss, love and truth; Nor for fame and wealth to add body, praise four and get carried away. See themselves from a different Angle, it is a kind of breakthrough, a relief, a kind of transcendence, a high-level indifferent to quiet, to get the pleasure of freedom. Turn a world perspective, world wide; In a position to personnel, personnel is light. Wish you every day is good day!

When the ideal of life and the pursuit of cannot achieve, might as well look at life from another Angle. On the other hand, will produce another kind of philosophy, another view of things.

Bisexual women and men, we should learn to choose and know how to give up!