How to dating bisexual?

There is a study shows that everyone maybe bisexual, and women is more likely bisexual people.

Maybe many people know that there are three ways to find bisexual people usually, namely you can join something Bisexual communities, find some bisexual dating sites, or visit some group that in you city. But when you find the one, how to dating bisexual?

Before you dating bisexual people, you should remember that you are not the only one of their. Because they have both girlfriend and boyfriend. When you decide to fall in love with them, you should accept all of him, including you have to share him with other people.

It doesn't mean he doesn't lvoe you or he is gay when he has a sexual relationship with a man or she with a woman. They love both you and them.

You may know they are bisexual people before you dating. As bisexual don't mean they are so strong, on the contrary, they are very frail.Even if sometimes they looks very great. They need your care, even your protection.

Dating bisexual is not so easy,but if you choose them, please don't hurt them, especially in words.