My bisexual dating!

Perhaps, there are still many people who have a lot of misunderstanding about the bisexual women and men. And their understanding of the bisexual is just stay in bisexual men is the people who love both women and men. And so, I want to let more people real understanding bisexual people.

While some people are strongly denied the existence of bisexual people, they are full of curiosity about the bisexual dating, after all, in their minds, it is the three person to date.

And I have a dating with bisexual!

You know, actually, I am single bisexual girl. Just as many bisexual women and men, I want to dating with both women and men. But it's difficult for us to looking for the one who doesn't mind we are bisexual people, at the same time, we love them. The development of the Internet has provided us with convenience.And there are so many bisexual dating sites, we can find a lot of people.

Some day, I meet a boy who looks very cool, his muscle is so great. By the way, I have a girlfriend. But my girlfriend dislike him, even to say hate him. I don't know why, I just know I can't forget him.

Even so, I have to give up him, although I love him so much. Because I have girlfriend, I should promise to make her happy.

So, this bisexual dating of mine hasn't started is over.