Please correct view of our bisexual people!

Maybe you see the word "bisexual" reminds some bad thing. But we are the same as the man around of you!

Maybe you will think bisexual people are  bad or extremely disgusting pervert. Before you under this definition, I want to ask, what is bad? The most simple example: a person, he kill people, that he is a bad guy; A person, he robbed, that he is a bad guy; A person, drug trafficking, he raped a weak woman, he set on fire, he is a bad guy; Because they were hurt others, excuse me, Are all bisexual women and men do these things?Conversely, these bad things are called normal people do. When we are born we are bisexual, which doesn't we want. 

You can think bisexuality is not the norm, but a disease, such as congenital heart disease and the like, since it is a disease, and the total treatment of the road, do you know? In this world, how many billions of bisexual people, but none successfully become heterosexual  example, in addition to those temporary pseudo-bisexual, that is, now medical science can not cure this "disease". Those so-called method used by medical experts, is nothing more than psychological suggestion method, the male hormone, electroporation, vomiting and so boring and useless law means deceiving, as you are blood type B, can not by law becomes a psychological suggestion a blood type, like; as if you are a black eye, when you thought of this when, on the use of electric shock and let you to continue to imagine your blue eyes, and slowly becomes blue eyes, these practices how absurd, can those experts say it is very effective too! The purpose of the organization is to make money, the so-called psychiatric clinics, they are really mental illness.

You might say: Who let you be bisexual, Think it's bad luck, bisexuals is a violation of the laws of nature, and should not be living in this world. Good people, ah, unfortunately at the time we were born has come to us, we do not affect your life, nor the turmoil of social security, we have been trying to doing a good man, why do we live, has become a thorn in your? If one day you find that your children, or your father, or your siblings, or your best friend, or even your love life is contained dozens of bisexual, but forced the traditional concept and pressure I did not dare say, has been painful and strong enough to hold on, so you will curse it? You may laugh now up, yes, you are of course in derision, because you think these cases impossible, right?

Please do not discriminate against us, we are constantly working hard!