There was a time, many people mention the word bisexual, think through this special words to indicate their views: Agree or disagree, or to get attention. Honestly, they are not really considered for bisexual people.

Many people treat bisexual people as a group of patients,which indicates that bisexual is different. Is bisexual really sick? No, most of them have a different sexual orientation because of the problem of gene chromosome. Because of their different sexual orientation, so that they become heterogeneous in many humans, but also by many humans can not be tolerated.

But if we think about it: if one day, one of us or some of us, for some reason, come into the residence of bisexual women and men, are you become a heterogeneous in their eyes, is not it will be they can not tolerate?

Existence is reasonable, each species has the right to exist. So why do we want to deprive these people of the right to live, love, marriage? Should we change an angle, for these people to be personally on the scene, place oneself in other's position to consider? They aren't willing to have a different sexual orientation, or bear  puzzled and disdain from their parents and relatives.

Now, many bisexual people still looking for others from some bisexual dating sites, the reason you must know!

Accept them, so that they can be happy with their lovers live together in this beautiful earth. Some day, maybe you can hear in the street,"I am bisexual, do you mind dating bisexual?" 

Kind people,dating bisexual and have a bisexual kiss! Don't let bisexual looking for partner just from bi dating sites!