We are bisexual women and men, but we can live well!

Who says that the life of bisexual women and men is not happy?

Who says that the temper of bisexual people is very bad?

who says that the bisexual men can't face the truth?

We are bisexual women and men, but we can live well!

I believe that many people are skeptical about the bisexual people, at the same time, there are a lot of misconceptions about them. Yes, I can't deny that some bisexual women and men dislike with other people, then it gives people a feeling that bisexuality is dull, dislike talking with others and  very strange people.

Is the all bisexual people like this? I can definitely tell you, No!
Although we are bisexual women and men, we can live well!
We love both women and men, but this does not affect other aspects. We can work as the other people, in my mind, sometimes, maybe we are better than others. Because we are bisexuals that we have the ability to get along well with men and women, on the other hand, in love, we can both be a boyfriend and a girlfriend that we can combine the characteristics of men and women. It's very good for work and life, isn't it?
Actually, Bisexual women and men are very smart, but because people are discriminated against or biased against them, lead  they are very low self-esteem, this is also a reason why the bisexual don't like to talk with others. The place they can speak out may be only online. In there, the can can find many bisexual dating sites, meet  a lot of people just like their self.
But everything will be OK!We are bisexual people, but we can live well!