When bisexual people are ill.

Although the situation of bisexual people is now a bit of a change.But a large part of bisexual people still can not openly admit that they are bisexual.So this part people usually dating with others by bisexual dating sites. And there is still have some misunderstanding between bisexual and their parents or friends. A problem become, when the bisexual people are ill, what should they do?

In my mind, there is nobody want to help when you are in trouble, usually, there are two reason. One is your own reason, another is other people.

In many times, we can't change the mind of others, but follow our hearts. Just as we are bisexual women and men, we can't change this because of other's misconstrue.

So, if you are bisexual people and your parents or friends can't accept it, you should explain to them patiently. After all, the mind of all is different. Although you are bisexual, everything is common, except you have both girlfriend and boyfriend. And it's not wrong, each person's choice is not the same. You can't judge us by our sexual orientation. It's unfair for us!

We are bisexual people, when we are ill, I hope you can stay with and accompany me.