When other women ask bisexual women if you had girlfriend.

I believe that every bisexual women will fall in love with some girls. But when some women ask you if you had a girlfriend, what should you do?

And you must know many bisexual dating sites, so you should know that if someone ask you this question, it shows she may like you. Therefore, in the face of the girl that prompting question you should grasp the good opportunity to have a good answer.

If you are single bisexual women, but also have a good impression on her, you can be humorous to take out the phone to open the front camera, said to her, "my girlfriend is inside". When the girls see her own way will certainly be very embarrassed, but also very sweet.

If you already have a girlfriend, but you have a little favor to the girls. You don't want to lie to her, let her find out that you're cheating on her. No matter you are bisexual women or bisexual men,you can answer her so:

First, you can say that your girlfriend is still on the road. Most of girls will understand that you have no girlfriend, who would think of your girlfriend in the road is really on the way home ah. In this way, she will have further development with you because of your "single" state.

Second, you can answer this question from the side, you can say, "I have many girlfriends, you say which one?" This will make the girls think you are joking, in fact, you are still single. But you do have a lot of girlfriends.

Third, directly asked her, "Aren't you my girlfriend?" In fact, one side can transfer the attention of the girls, so that she ignored you for "you have no girlfriend" the question of the positive answer, on the other hand it can also enhance the ambiguous atmosphere.

Bisexual dating tips: the answer to the question is so easy. But if you don't any love skills, the best way to fall in love is not to directly answer her question. But, you may miss a good opportunity to flirt with girls, this is not in line with the girls heart most want to hear the answer. If you have a girlfriend, it is better not to tell the truth. After all the girls on the question of moral emotion still looks more important. Even if she is a little like you, she will prohibitive, and stop to your fantasy because you have a girlfriend.