As bisexual people, we also need friends!

Bisexual people, do you have some friends?
No matter who you are, we need friends in the world! 

Just moment, I saw an old photo about my friend and me, and then I was crying immediately. I miss my friend!
I am bisexual girl, and I had few friends before I met them. And there is an another reason, I have a bad temper. I always think people were talking about me when they were communicating. Because I am bisexual, and I was so scared that worried they hate me. But thing became worse, and people start to stay away from me. In that time, what I can do is met other from some bisexual dating sites, but it's no use! A person shopping, a person watching a movie and a person to eat. I am so lonely!
Despite It has been said, you can not be alone all the time, there is always a person will accompany you. I never believe it until met them!
When I told them I am bisexual, they never mind and sometimes, they will help me find someone like to dating bisexual. And we can go shopping, go to the movies, eat delicious food together. Sometimes, we will go to travel. Although we have had a quarrel, everything is gone, leaving only miss and friendship.
So, bisexual women and men, we should have some friends, when you are unhappy, they will accompany you all the time!