Be happy bisexual people!

Whether you are happy or sad to be bisexual women and men now, from now on, be happy bisexual people.

There are a lot of reasons that make us unhappy and sad, but there's only one reason to make us happy. 
But at the first, we should be an optimistic person. Just as me, there are so many unfortunate things in my life, once I thought so, everything is changed when I changed my attitude, the world is so beautiful. So the important thing is our attitude towards things. You are bisexual people and no one would like to make friends with you, but you can meet others by some bisexual dating sites, even you can go out with them, or host a bisexual party by you.
A lot of things are the same, the difference is the attitude of people. It's not easy for us to came to the world, and we are so foolish if we are unhappy everyday.
In any case, bisexual people, we should try our best to be happy everyday!
Good lucky!