Don't be afraid to say you are bisexual people!

Don't be afraid to say you are bisexual people!

They just like suffer from a serious illness when they find they are bisexual. It's not surprising, after all, many people do not like being the center, but sometimes, bisexual is the center!
I think I can understand those people who are afraid to say they are bisexual. Because I was also very scared when I first found I was bisexual. But thing will be changed soon or later. For example, may some day, someone will refuse dating with you, but other will like dating bisexual. Everything will be OK!
And now, what we need to live happily is a state of mind. I have always believed that we live for ourselves, not others, so why are we going to care about other people's ideas? They have nothing to do with we are bisexual, straight, lesbian or gay! If we want to meet others, we can scan some bisexual dating sites or go out if we'd love to.
As bisexual is not wrong, the wrong is that we did not dare brave face it!
I am bisexual, do you want to have a bisexual dating?