I am bisexual!

I am bisexual, not straight or lesbian!

I am single bisexual, but I'm not in a hurry, there are so many bisexual dating sites on line!

I am bisexual girl, but I will become bisexual woman by a man or a woman, but I don't mind, I am bisexual!

I am bisexual, I also want to dating bisexual. Don't ask me why, just because I like to!

I am bisexual, I also like to do something I like, such as photograph,cook, make a cake and so on.

I am bisexual, but I don't mind dating straight if they also don' mind bisexual people!

I am bisexual,I want to tell all people in the world. If you're curious about it, I will tell you the reason, I want to be free.

I am bisexual, I want to have a normal life,no laughing, no strange eyes.

I am bisexual, are you afraid?