If your girlfriend are bisexual people!

Hi guys, if your girlfriend are bisexual people, what should you do?

Recently, the things about bisexual seem to became more and more, and many people are discussing it! And some people are still can't image the situation of accepting bisexual, not to mention dating bisexual!
In my eyes, all people are the same, and bisexual people are normal, even I don't know why the people have prejudices to bisexual women and men. And there are many bisexual dating sites on line, bisexual can find other by it, but some bisexual people will choose other dating sites to meet other people who are not bisexual, and then if you can your girlfriend are bisexual, what should you do?
First, you shouldn't be angry whether you love her. And it also shows she want to prove all people are the same, and bisexual people can get along well with others. You should appreciate her courage, not hurt her.
Hi guys, are you single? do you want to have a bisexual girlfriend and have a bisexual dating?