Let's get married, bisexual people!

Let's get married, bisexual people!

Don't be afraid, I'm not lying to you. I want to marry you, not because of sympathy, but I love you.

Even if there are many people can't accept you, but in my mind, you are so perfect.You are bisexual, but you are better than some straight, you are kind and warm-hearted.

I know your nature is optimistic, even though you're a person in a lot of times. The best proof is you always meet other bisexual people by some bisexual dating sites. I know you want to meet more people, not only other bisexual women and men. Come on baby, What you lack is courage. Don't be afraid, I will be accompany with you all the time.

Please trust me, I will take care of you. And before I know you, I have a bisexual dating, I even learned something about bisexual. So take it easy, you are just a normal person.

Hi, bisexual guys, do you mind giving me a bi dating, then marry me?