So, why do bisexual people have to be strong?

Why do bisexual people have to be strong?
All along, all of  think we have to be strong, especially bisexual people. Before, I think so, because the only one can help you is yourself, and even if you can not solve anything when you are crying! But now, my mind changed, why do we must be strong?

And everyone has the happy time, also has the unhappy time. Laugh when you are happy, cry when you want to cry. Do not need to suppress your own. Because crying is also a way to releasing stress.
When you find your love by some bisexual dating sites, you can laugh happily!

When others refuse your date, you can cry, then continue to date with other people who want to dating bisexual!

When your boss looks down on you just because you are bisexual, you can cry when you're alone but then you have to do better so that proofing bisexual people are more outstanding.
Every man has a fragile time, we don't have to pretend to be strong!

Just as if I want to have a bisexual dating, I will tell you!