Yes, I have a bisexual dating!

Yes, I have a bisexual dating!

This before, I just like all people, dislike bisexual people,even if I hate him.The reason is not because they love both women and men, but sometimes I fell in love with them, I hoped they can love me and only me, but later I find they fell in love with other people, although they still love me. I can accept it.

But now, I began to understand them.

I have a best friend, but I  have never known she was bisexual until recently. When I found it, I was so angry, are we not good friends? why did you deceive me? Then after a while, I did not say a word to her.

A rainy day, she found me, and said,"I really want to be your friend, but you hate bisexual, how can I tell you?" Yes, I dislike bisexual! It's not here fault. And I said,"I also want to be your friend, you are really great, but you are bisexual, so now, I need some time to accept it, OK?"

When I came home, I have read many bisexual dating sites, and know many things about bisexual. Oh my god, it's my fault!!!

The bisexual women and men are just like us, all of us are the same, even if they are love both women and men. And somethings we can't changed, don't it?

Since then, we are still best friends, and sometimes we will take part in some bisexual event together, by the way , I also will dating bisexual.

Sometimes, you dislike something just because you don't know it, for example bisexual.We should learn to know them, after all, we are the same!