Are you for sex or love?

All of us know that bisexual people are someone who love both women and men, but does it show you are bisexual if you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend. The answer to the question, of course, is no. 

For example, some men are not bisexual men, but sometimes, they will choose to have sex with men. They maybe bi-curious, but the main reason is to find stimulation or sex trade. Are you for sex or love?
Some people think it's so perfect to be bisexual people so that both men and women can make them satisfied. But is this really truth? I don't think so, or why are there  so many bisexual dating sites on line for bisexual or bisexual couples to meet other bisexual people?
Guys, it doesn't show you are gay if you have one or several homosexual sex, uniformly, it doesn't show you are bisexual if you have one or several sex with both women and men. To determine if you are bisexual must be from the long term.
I have always thought that love is sacred and should not be polluted, even you are bisexual. So you can't cheat other and yourself you are bisexual, then have sex with both women and men!