Bisexual kiss!

What is the feeling of bisexual kiss? And is it very easy for us to kiss? The answer, of course, is not.

Nowadays, many bisexual people will meet other people who are interested in bisexual by some bisexual dating sites, then they may have bisexual dating. But when we have some chance to kiss other, do you know what kind of kiss is better?
1.Butterfly Kiss
Butterfly Kiss is not a real kiss, but rather focus on the eyelashes touch. Two people gradually close, affectionate gaze each other, until the eyelashes touch with each other. Then light blinking, eyelashes intimate contact, like two butterfly wings gently incitement.
2.French kiss
French kiss was not immediately mouth tongue, but there must be a gradual process. First contact with the lips and the lips, and then slowly open your mouth, tongue, a more intimate exchange.
3.Eskimo Kiss
Two people flip nose, slowly friction, which is a very good way to increase intimacy.
4.Dragonfly Kiss
Dragonfly kiss is like a superficial with your lips touch your partner. Kiss the lips, cheeks, parts can be earlobe, neck, clavicle, all you can think of. The kiss of the dragonfly is light, with a soft touch to awaken the body's feelings. So the dragonfly kiss is the best kiss prelude, and the first step of foreplay.
And so on.
When you decide to kiss someone, you must know some skill about kiss to make sure you have a good bisexual dating.