Bisexual women and men fall in love with lesbian or gay!

What will happen if bisexual women and men fall in love with lesbian or gay?

It seem impossible, but it's a problem!
Today, I saw an article about bisexual people fell in love with lesbian. At first, the person think she was lesbian so that she had a girlfriend. But unfortunately, they broke up. Something incredible happened, the person had a boyfriend right away. We should be noted that she is a LESBIAN! 
Yes, just as you think, she, actually, is bisexual girl, but she didn't know. When she found thing was unusual, she known it by the Internet. And she have meet many bisexual friends by some bisexual dating sites.
But she was interested in the communities of lesbian. Someday, she took part in a party of lesbian with her friends. And there is a girl who are lesbian talk with her,"You are lesbian, right?" "Not really, actually, I am bisexual." Then, the girl leave angrily.
Why is that?
Lesbian is some girls who love girls, and bisexual is some people who love girls and boys so that even lesbian know you love girls, they will choose to reject you. Yes, because you will fall in love with a man in the future, which is makes them feel insecure.
Bisexual people, A lesbian who know you are bisexual fall in love with you, please cherish her. She really loves you.