Bisexual women and men, what should we do when we lost love?

No matter you are bisexual women and men or not, it's possible for us to lost love, and what should we do at this time?

As all of us know that everyone maybe unhappy, and the key is our attitude towards the things, right?
1.If you want to cry just do it!
Everyone may lost love, of course, we are not happy, even want to cry. But some people refrain from crying, which is harmful to our bodies. And everyone should have the right to cry, especially in the time of losing love. If you don't want to cry in front of other people, you can cry when you are alone.
2.Analysis of the reasons for breaking up.
When you break up, you should be rational, and analysis of the reasons for breaking up. There are so many bisexual dating sites on line, so we should always be ready for the next bisexual dating.
3.Believe in yourself and be happy everyday!
Even when we're out of love, we should believe in ourselves and be happy everyday. We should know that we can be happy very much even we are singles.
It's nothing for us to losing love, don't lose heart and we will find our true love!

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