I'll be with you, bisexual women and men!

I'll be with you, bisexual women and men!
Long before, I had thought that why there are different sexual orientation of people in the world and why I am bisexual woman. But now, I know. The world is so beautiful because of our existence.

Even there are some people can stand a person falling love with women and men, but we really exist. Many people think bisexual people are very confused, actually, with time goes by, great changes have happened in the bisexual people. And bisexual people can find many friends by 
bisexual dating sites, then they can go out with other people who are also bisexual and enjoy the bisexual life.
Everyone may be afraid that you are lonely, but don't worry, bisexual people, I'll be with you! And I am bisexual woman. I don't think it's a problem to be a bisexual, contrary, it's great and I can love both women and men. To be honest, I had been plagued by bisexual. But now, everything is OK.Bisexual people, don't worry, I'll be with you all the time!