What should you do if you are bisexual people?

Now, believe it or not, bisexual women and men exist in our life and everyone may be bisexual.
Here, some people you may know:
Kyrsten Sinema is the first openly bisexual person elected to the US Congress.
Kate Brown is the first openly bisexual governor in the United States, as governor of Oregon.
J. Christopher Neal became the first openly bisexual New York City LGBT Pride March Grand Marshal.
What should you do if you are bisexual people?
The first, don't be fear, and there are so many famous people are bisexual people, you should be pride of be bisexual, you may be the next famous bisexual people, isn't it? And being bisexual is perfectly normal, or it would not have so many bisexual dating sites on line, such as www.datingbisexual.net. People are afraid of something just because they don't know it. So we should learn to all thing of bisexual women and men. And you will be glad that you are bisexual and enjoy the bisexual dating in the future.
Accept bisexual and understand bisexual, everything will be perfect.

@Bisexual Kiss