Who should I tell that I am bisexual?

Many before many bisexual women and men admit they are bisexual people, a problem confronts all of them, namely, who should we tell we are bisexual?

Being friends with bisexual people maybe easy for everyone, but being bisexual people is not easy for us, because no one can really understand Bi if the one is not bisexual. So, I think, the first person we should tell we are bisexual is ourselves, who may be the only one you really need to tell. Everything become easy after you admit that you are bi and you can know what should you do!
Some bisexual people may think should we tell our parents the truth. All of of us know that not every parent is reasonable. You'd better not tell them before you accept yourself. And you can ask other bisexual friends by some bisexual dating sites if you have any question, during this period. 
But in my opinion, you should tell girlfriends/boyfriends you are bisexual people, or they may leave you alone when they find the truth by themselves. And they may accompany you for a lifetime, you need to be honest and trust each other, don't it?
Being bisexual is OK, but we need to know the real ourselves and accept ourselves, no matter our differences! 
Let's enjoy the bisexual dating and enjoy the bisexual life!

@Bisexual Kiss