Sometimes, everyone of us should learn to give up, including bisexual people!

Now, everyone of us don't want to fail, but in my mind, sometimes, we should learn to give up, including bisexual people!
There are many people don't believe that the bisexual women and men exist the world, even so, as bisexual people, we should be angry, we have no reason to be sad because of stranger. And what we should do is be happy everyday, isn't it? Bisexual people don't exist, why are there so many bisexual dating sites on line?
A few days ago, there is a thing happened around me. A woman had a quarrel with her ex-husband and then, her ex-husband stabbed her boyfriend. They have a son, and yesterday, the woman wanted to commit suicide. How stupid she was! We have only one life to live! It may be difficult for us to through this rough patch, we should be strong, everyone knows that sometimes, we should be learn to give up, and we may meet some bad guys before we meet the true, the same as bisexual people.
When people know that you are bisexual people, they may refuse to have a bisexual dating, but so what? Being bisexual is not a shameful thing!
Bisexual people, don't be fear to be refused and we should learn to give up, the reason is that we haven't met the true people!

@Bisexual Kiss