What bisexual people need is courage!

I think now that everyone know that there are bisexual people exist in the world, look, there are so many bisexual dating sites online that bisexual women and men can find their true love here. Even so, bisexual people are not brave! Listen to me! What bisexual people need is courage!
OK, I want to share a story about myself with you at first. Recently, I got married, yes, I am very happy for it. And this before, I thought I can get married after a long time, because my parents dislike my boyfriend. This Sunday, we came to my mother's home and we told my parents that we want to get married. To my surprise, my mother just said "Are you ready? And you have to think clearly." "Yes, I do." But then, I saw the tears in her eyes and I know my mother cannot bear to leave me. And she choose agree with me, because she hope that I could be happy forever!Yes, our mother and father hope that we could be happy everyday so that you should be brave if you are bisexual people, just do it if you want to have a bisexual dating. Thing will be very difficult if you just want, but you can find it's so easy after you do it. And being bisexual is OK, after all, everyone of us maybe bisexual people.
In my mind, what bisexual people need is courage!